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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Filler are a safe, simple and effective way to target areas that have lost volume.  Common areas treated are  the lips or cheeks but is also great to target the bothersome folds that develop near the sides of the mouth or chin.  You can even treat specific lines like those around the lip lines.  Schedule a complimentary consult to find out if fillers are best for your concerns.

VI Peel

VI Peel professional treatments feature a one-of-a-kind formulation designed to painlessly lift pigment, relieve acne and acne scars, and fight fine lines. VI Peels are the number one chemical peel on the market today! 


The Plasma Pen is an innovative device for non-invasive skin tightening and rejuvenation. The Plasma Pen MD device used at Radiance treats wrinkles, sagging skin and uneven skin texture. It is FDA approved for fibroblast stimulation (kick starts production of collagen) in the skin.


Botox is a class of drugs called neuro-modulators which, when  administered in very small amounts to specific muscles, calms movement that may be causing skin issues like lines.or deep wrinkles.  An area typically treated with Botox in the frown.  We call it magic because it is quick, inexpensive, highly effective and very comfortable.

Targeted Facials & Skin Consults

Our talented estheticians are highly 

experienced at customizing skin care treatments and home care regimens to fit your specific needs.  We even offer free one on one skin assessments to help you achieve your best skin! 

Full Service Salon

Radiance is home to Mosie Gardner who is one of San Diego's finest hairstylists! she offers a full array of hair color and cut services and boast 15+ years of experience as an educator and master stylist.

I want...

Radiant Skin

Who doesn't want skin that glows?  Healthy skin that is polished and plump radiates your inner beauty.

Clear Skin

Breakouts are not just a teenage problem. We love eradicating acne, pigmentation and the stubborn scarring it causes.

Taught Skin

There is a host of procedures available at Radiance that can tighten and plump your skin.  Radiance can give you a lift to keep the surgeon away.

Calm Skin

Reactive skin that is easily 

inflamed needs special care to not only become more calm but also bright and polished. Custom skin care and treatments are key. 

Our Team


Kim Knox


Our founder and the driver of our caring first mentality at Radiance!  Kim brings compassion along with skill to each treatment she offers.  The Radiance team is unified under her example of loving professionalism.


Nina Bui


Nina is an injectables master.  Her confidence and concise treatments have delighted her patients for years.  She works closely with Kim Knox to bring seamless care to everyone we treat. 


Amanda Davis


Amanda is a gifted Esthetician who brings her years of experience transforming skin through proven modalities and precision recommendations. 



Robin C

"I've been going here for a over a year. I see Nina for Botox and fillers. She is an artist! When I first saw her I told her what I was hoping for and I told her my budget. JACKPOT! The improvements she orchestrated were just exactly right. It's been the same ever since. She does what you envision (within reason, and I am reasonable) no more and no less. She has great instincts. She perfectly places the injections to do the most work. And she is lovely to talk to. Very down to earth and real. I mean, what more do you want??? Highly recommend."

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