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Asked Questions

  • How does Botox Cosmetic work and what does it help with?
    Botox works by interacting with the muscles that are targeted during treatment to help discourage them from responding to the typical expression signals allowing the movement in those areas to soften. This period of softened movement allows the skin over the targeted muscles to
  • How do Dermal Fillers work and what can they help with?
  • What can I do for my acne prone skin?
  • What is Dermal Needling treatment?
    Dermal Needling is a treatment that we love because it stimulates a huge amount of collagen in the dermis resulting in stronger, thicker more robust skin tone. This collagen kick start is beneficial because it helps to trigger repair and revision of the skin and its underlying structure. Dermal needling is a process where we use a device that has a small array of reciprocating needles (similar to a tattoo machine) that creates a controlled, micro-injury to the skin. It is that process that is responsible for the collagen remodeling that is so beneficial with this treatment. Most enjoy positive results when targeting skin laxity, hyper & hypo pigmentation, reduction in pore size and scaring. The best part is that this treatment has only a few days of minimal downtime. Most return to work within 24 hours of treatment and can resume their usual skin care routine after 3 days.
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