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Dermal Fillers

Bring Back The Fullness Of Your Youth With Dermal Fillers


If you're looking to boost the elasticity and fullness of the skin with a smooth texture, a dermal filler is a safe alternative to Botox treatments. Thousands of people rely on cosmetic surgery to enhance or modify their looks from the effects of aging, birth defects, and injuries when fillers are designed to fix a number of facial features centered around aging. Our clinic in San Diego has trained and qualified dermatologists to help you determine if dermal fillers are right for you. 


Some Dermal Filler Benefits


- Smoothing out deep creases 

- Eliminating laugh lines 

- Augmenting/enhancing the cheeks 

- Filling out hollow areas 

- Restoring your youthful fullness 


Fillers are associated with less pain, cost less, and require fewer return visits with an impressive recovery time. They provide a pain free injection with a hypoallergenic base. Best of all, they are approved by the Food & Drug Administration like most skincare treatments. 


Dermal fillers provide long lasting results and require follow ups once a year, if that. Talk to us to find out why fillers are becoming the most popular facial treatment used by many in San Diego.

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Nina Bui, RN

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