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Certified Physician Assistant and Radiance owner Kim Knox has been cultivating her skill of facial sculpture for over a decade. She holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Microbiology and a Masters Degree in Biology/Medical Parasitology, both earned the University of Texas at El Paso. After receiving her Masters, Kim went on to complete Physician Assistant’s school in Denver, Colorado.  Her educational background coupled with extensive experience in dermatological and cosmetic procedures brought her to her specialty of correcting facial volume loss.

As people age they notice some loss of volume in the space below the cheekbones or under the eyes; this is referred to as lipoatrophy, or hollowing.  Beyond aging, lipoatrophy can be linked to weight loss and even medication. Reconstructing these areas can be challenging, but as an expert artist Kim rises to the occasion by making the face her perfect canvas.  She uses the highest quality dermal fillers to “sculpt” her patients and awaken the radiance of youthful beauty.


"It is not simply seeing a hollow space and filling it.  This is art in real life!" 

After a thorough analysis of a patient’s entire face Kim notes the areas that have suffered volume loss. She then devises a plan for the state-of-the-art filler placement. Her strategies are fundamental to creating an instant lifting affect and renewed dimension.  Kim’s objective is to restore a natural look while enhancing classic beauty, and her patients are her masterpiece. 

Kim’s patients know she devotedly cognizes her medium, and they trust her knowledge and experience to deliver transcendent results. She is acclaimed for both her special touch and expert techniques that provide youthful rejuvenation to the face. 

Kim Knox MS, PA-C

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