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Marci Malbrough, L.E

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Marci of uLtrA viOleT Advanced Skincare and Repair has been a practicing, licensed Esthetician In San Diego since 2000. I assure you that you simply will not find another Esthetician who exhibits a sincere passion and true gift of caring for your skin. Giving you beautiful, glowing skin is always her #1 goal. Her approach to healthy skin is an all around rejuvenation through customized treatments and effective, proper homecare products. As a medical Esthetician Marci's expertise of specialized techniques, products, and equipment give her the ability to successfully combat aging and acneic skin. Marci is continually honing her skills, furthering her education, making sure she is providing you and your skin with the best techniques and procedures this field has to offer. We are so lucky to have Marci as part of our team, sharing her treatments with you.

Her expert treatments are sure to cover all your skincare needs.  If you want to indulge in a superb facial that will leave you relaxed and your skin perfected Marci is the esthetician you need to see.  Her advanced peel techniques leave your skin refreshed and glowing.  You may be looking for expert waxing, well she has got you covered in that department as well, specializing in eyebrow design and Brazilian waxing. Come in and discover what all her clients are raving about!

Marci's Services


Brow maintenance $25

Brow design $40

Brow tinting $25

Lash tinting $35

Lip $15

Chin $15

Sides of face $15 & up

Full face $65

Bikini $30 & up

G string $40 & up

Brazilian $55 & up

Brazilian all off $70 & up

Tummy line $15 & up

Pre wax trim $15 & up

Full leg $95

Lower leg $40

Upper leg $55

Full arm $40

Half arm $25

Back $80

Back & shoulders $100

Chest $70

Chest & stomach $95

Stomach line $10 & up


A deep cleansing facial, with all the bases covered, including steam, extractions, neck and shoulder massage and a mask.  You will leave squeaky clean and relaxed.

ULTIMATE FACIAL     $145 / 90 MIN.

Nothing is left behind in this Ultimate facial experience.  A custom peel leaves the skin ultra smooth and ready to be nourished.  Including steam, extractions, relaxing essential oils, ultra soothing ultrasound treatment and topping it off with a relaxing neck, shoulder, face, hand and arm massage. The finale is a handpicked face and eye mask.  Gorgeous and glowing… your skin never looked so good!


This facial is designed for maximum results, no added charges, whatever your skin needs it gets!  Pulling out all the stops, all of my toys and tricks, for a dramatic difference in your skin! We'll start with a cleansing, scrub, and a custom peel, followed with a diamond tip exfoliation to smooth away imperfections in your problem areas, a steam enhanced enzyme treatment with an ultrasonic deep cleansing and pain free ultrasonic extractions. Next lymphatic vacuum treatment increases the circulatory functions of your skin. Continue by increasing the firmness, hydration, and density of your skin with micro current and dermal infusion treatment...and it doesn't stop there, lets top it all off by turning light energy into cell energy, with a LED light therapy treatment to maximize your custom mask.  Every area of concern is addressed and your skin will show immediate, visible results!    

ANTI-ACNE FACIAL  1    $125 / 90 MIN.

This facial is designed for mild to moderate acne.  Every step of the way this treatment fights back against acne and soothes the irritation it leaves behind. An acne inhibiting peel, extractions, followed by an antibacterial and healing LED light therapy treatment with a custom mask; all will pave the way to clearer, happier skin.

ANTI-ACNE FACIAL  2    $150 / 105 MIN.

This facial is designed for moderate to severe acne, it is similar to the acne facial 1 but more in-depth.  Treating severe acne is a delicate process that requires expertise and skill.  This facial is a reflection of that, with expert extractions, blue LED light therapy treatment boosted with multi-wavelength LED light therapy.


The skin is exfoliated with micronized crystals to smooth away sun damage, fine lines and scarring.  This invigorating treatment is followed by soothing ultrasound to nourish and soothe your refreshed skin.  You will leave with smooth glowing skin.


Same as the microdermabrasion treatment, but it doesn’t stop there.  Microderm meets the Ultimate facial minus the extra gritty massage… absolutely beautiful results.

CRYSTAL PEEL     $155 / 60 MIN.

A definite heavy hitter with no down time combining microdermabrasion with a custom peel for some extra exfoliation. Perfect for boosting collagen production and intensifying the anti aging benefits of both treatments.

RESCUE FACIAL     $75 / 45 MIN.

This treatment is a must after too much sun, this rescue treatment is a highly charged drink of Vitamin C and soothing copper a calming ultrasound infusion and a custom mask will further rejuvenate your sun-damaged skin, completing this anti-inflammatory treatment.


A gentle way to polish the skin, sloughing off the dead surface cells, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.  This facial includes steam, extractions, neck, shoulder, and facial massage plus an enzyme treatment mask.  Exfoliation perfection for those with sensitive skin. 

MINI FACIAL     $75 / 40 MIN.

Perfect for the person on the go, this treatment gets it done in half the time.  An enzyme treatment is massaged into skin while steaming for a gentle exfoliation, some quick extractions and a mask will leave your skin rejuvenated ready for the rest of your day.

TEEN FACIAL     $75 / 40 MIN.

Designed specifically for teenagers, this deep pore cleansing facial includes steam, ultrasonic cleansing, extractions, and a skin purifying mask. squeaky clean skin and one on one education about the importance of a proper homecare regiment to keep your teens skin on track.

POUR HOMME     $125 / 75 MIN.

The essential men’s deep cleansing facial, complete with a scrub, steam, hot towels, essential oils, ultrasound treatment, and a mask to help combat razor burn and ingrown hairs.  Deep cleansing meets soothing… a definite must.

BACKCIAL     $165 / 90 MIN.

The same luxurious treatment as your face but done on the flipside.  Deep cleanse this hard to reach area with a peel, hydrating steam, extractions, essential oil massage and a custom mask.  You will never forget about this area again.


Slough off that dry, cracked skin with diamond tip exfoliation and a gentle enzyme peel.  Finish with a hydrating, plumping mask and defuzz with a quick lip wax… absolute pouty perfection!

ALL ABOUT EYES     $35 / 30 MIN.

An essential addition to any facial or stand alone service.  This eye perfecting treatment includes a wrinkle smoothing peel, a plumping hydro gel massage, and a retinol infused hydrating mask.  This intensive treatment is sure to leave you bright eyed!

* Add an eye popping lash tint for only $30!

HAND MODEL     $50 / 30 MIN.

A wonderfully smoothing enzyme and acid peel slough off years of neglect from the hands and forearms with a reparative peptide mask, and a hydrating paraffin hand treatment.  This one is sure to leave hands touchably soft.

PLUMP AND LIFT       $75 / 45 MIN.

This treatment is specifically designed for immediate results and perfect for those short on time.  It begins with a deep ultrasonic cleansing and a light peel to slough off the dead cells and prepare the skin for infusion!  Micro current tightens the skin and pores while toning the underlying muscle for an immediate lift.  While dermal infusion opens new channels in the skin for maximum product absorption, literally locking in hydration and adding a new density to your skin! Your skin will feel plump and invigorated!


If you are not LED'ing you are not anti aging!  This amazing technology treats a wide range of skincare concerns that are keeping your skin from looking its best. By turning light energy into cell energy this treatment is a non-invasive way to promote healthy and beautiful skin. Aiding the circulation and respiratory functions of the skin, stimulating fibroblasts to promote collagen production, reducing inflammation and oxidation to slow the aging process. Even treating acne and rosacea with its antibacterial properties, and this is only the tip of the iceberg! After a deep ultrasonic cleansing, a light exfoliation with lactic acid will brighten the skin and leave it uLtrA receptive to the customized treatment layered on while the LED is working its magic!


Whiten and brighten your smile with this professional treatment, using LED technology and a proprietary blend of powerful teeth whitening ingredients. This is a pain free whitening treatment, unlike others on the market. It is perfect for those with sensitive teeth, and those who have been unable to tolerate teeth whitening in the past. You can lighten your teeth up to 10 shades in one treatment! The more stained your teeth are the more dramatic the results are. Take years off your look with a whiter smile! 



A variety of peels for a variety of concerns; addressing sun damaged skin, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and more. Skin consultations prior to the peel are required and are included with the procedure.

LHE micro phototherapy anti aging treatment         $125 / 60 MIN
SERIES OF 8 - $800

This  "laser" like treatment is designed to homogenize the skin. it uses light heat energy to lighten hyper pigmentation, reduce redness, stimulate your fibroblasts to create collagen; smoothing lines and wrinkles. one treatment is great to plump your skin and get it glowing for a special occasion or date night. recommended in a series of 8.

Intensify your results with a series of level 1 peels 7-14 days apart, showing wrinkles, sun damage and scarring no mercy.  This series will keep your skin on its toes each week, stimulating fibroblasts to maximum collagen production plumping your skin leaving it incredibly smooth and bright! The final peel includes an Essential facial to pamper and nourish your brand new skin, turning back the hands of time.

CTL micro phototherapy anti acne treatment        $125 / 60 MIN
SERIES OF 8 - $800

This "laser" like treatment helps to treat and clear blemished skin. an intensified acne treatment, reducing inflammation, redness, scarring, and bacteria proliferation. it is a must for those suffering from acne. a single treatment is effective for calming the skin and beginning the clearing process. recommended in a series of 8.  

Dermal micro roller treatment        $200 / 60 MIN

This is serious skincare for scarring, course and fine lines, and large pores. tiny needles are rolled over the skin to encourage dermal remodeling. breaking down damaged areas and rebuilding healthier more refined skin.

Dermaplane        $65 / 30 MIN

This is serious skincare for scarring, course and fine lines, and large pores. tiny needles are rolled over the skin to encourage dermal remodeling. breaking down damaged areas and rebuilding healthier more refined skin.

LED treatment  add-on        Add $35

Add a powerful non invasive LED treatment to any facial. turning light energy into cell energy, treating multiple skin concerns.

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